Let’s get started

? Lets get started! Grab your book and read (review for some of you) the Introduction, and chapter one / Getting Started to get the “boost” you need. ? Imagine being able to ? find what you need when you need it – without ? tearing through the house! ? preparing meals with ease, and even getting ? dressed faster!?!
How about  walking into your home and seeing the ? beauty instead of the ? beast! Managing and maintaining your home will soon be accomplished with ease!
If you would like to buy my book – click the “purchase now button” on the home page.
✏️ Note: Home Matters is also available as an ebook, but you’ll probably find that having the book in your ? hands will make it easier to navigate through your?home, room by room / chapter by chapter.
PS: Why not invite your ? friends to join you?
Less is Best – B-Blessed,


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Let’s work on your home matters together…

let’s work on your home matters together…

I just finished a “6 week Home Matters challenge” at Morning Grace!  The comradely of working together was great; it was like one big support group! We lowered our stress and we clear out our mess(es)! I am extending an opportunity to you too, as we continue to de-clutter and de-stress, right here in my website under the blog tab, or on facebook.
More info to come…


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Come join the fun!











What: I will be sharing how to enjoy every minute of the up-coming holidays!

When: October 22 – 7:00pm

Where: Main Street Books in Davidson, NC

Be sure and check out this amazing store, and meet Adah!                                                       126 S. Main Street – Davidson – NC – 704-892-6841 – www.mainstreetbooksdavidson.com


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Four Things I Learned While Living in a Garage – four

ready for a Christmas party

Ready for a Christmas party

Four – Let others in on your adventure…                                                  

Being builders we are often living in temporary digs.  And with that comes the temptation to pull back from having people in our home – waiting until we are in our new house etc.  One day a very long time ago when I was in one of these temporary living situations and having these tempting thoughts about taking a rest from hospitality, I felt the Lord speak clearly to my heart.  He gently reminded me that I did not know what tomorrow might bring, and that we may never move into that new home we were building. To be truthful, I did not like to think about that.  As my heart began to open back up – so did the door of our rickety little house on 9th street in Huntington Beach, California.  Over the period of time that we lived there we had more people over to share a meal, and even live with us than we had previously experienced! I am so thankful that we did not miss out on the fun times we had making all of those memories! Many have joined us in our garage for a meal, and some have even slept over in our guest room:)

guest room - and yes we have had guests guest room:)

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Four Things I Learned While Living in a Garage #3


cropped-102.jpg#3 – Less is best!                                                                                                                   While living with less (of my stuff around) I have come to realize that I really don’t need everything I thought I did.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy nice things – just less of them. Being forced to choose what I really like best and want to use daily, has given me a sense of freedom.  Using everything I have also makes me feel like I am being a good steward.

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Four Things I Learned While Living in a Garage   – Two

      shower   Two – Be thankful for what you have…                                                                       

When I turn the spotlight away from illuminating what I don’t have – and focus  it on what I do have, thanksgiving fills my heart.  Contentment is a gift, and a natural result from this shift in focus.  The basics of life often go unnoticed and unappreciated too.  I know God is smiling when I thank Him for the food I have to prepare for my family, the shelter over my head (especially when it is raining) and the hot water in my shower!  In thanking the Lord for my basic needs that are met on a daily basis, when others go without – brings me to my knees and causes my heart to well up with humble gratitude!

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Four Things I Learned While Living in a Garage

Four Things I Learned While Living in a Garage 

home sweet home

My husband Len and I had the opportunity of living in our garage/shop while building our home.  With the economy woes our stay was longer than expected! This experience changed my life more than I could have ever imagined.  Each day I will share with you one of the four things I learned; I hope they inspire you…

One – It really doesn’t matter what people think!                                                            I can’t tell you how much time I have wasted on worrying about what other people think. When I shift my focus back to what I sense God is telling me to do, instead of others are saying I am on the right path!  I am not talking about wise counsel – that is something that is always welcome. There is true freedom when I can share that “I live in a garage,” and not feel embarrassed about it!


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How to write a review

For those of you that have shown interest in writing a review for Home Matters on Amazon it’s easy:

– click on the “purchase now” button on the right side & scroll to the bottom of the reviews – click write a review. It doesn’t take long and you can edit your review, even after you have posted it – you will receive an email from Amazon allowing you that opportunity.

Because Home Matters was written to be a life time resource for you, many of you have just worked in the area(s) that you rated high on your stress test, (which you are encouraged to do). Why not write about the areas (chapters) you have applied, if you feel differently about your home, or if your stress is lower. A review does not have to be long 🙂 I hope this helps!


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FREE printable scripture card collection

Draw near to God

  This is my current screen saver, and one of my favorite photos I have taken.  I love being reminded to “scoot in close” to God and He will “scoot in close to me:)

For more Scripture photos:

1-  just click on the “printable scripture card collection” in the dashboard.

2- Choose the card you would like (you can choose them all).

3-  Click on the picture.

4-  Choose “save image”

Now you can use the photo as a screen saver, or print the card and place it in a frame.  This is a fun way to remember God’s amazing promises for you!

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Final scripture for the garage and yard chapter

12 - Garage - yard Abide 5x7photo by Sue M. Wilson

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