Home Matters – class homework


Read chapters 1 & 2

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Week one – Home Matters class Scripture card

043.JPG scripturephoto by Sue M. Wilson

Here is our Scripture card for week one – Home Matters – the class.  You can click on the photo and save it. Now you can print it to frame or make as a screen saver on your computer or phone to remind you that when you, that with the Lords help you can bring order to your home!

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Home Matters the class – help is on the way!

small pic bookAlthough each one of us is unique, we share many things in common.   One of those thing is – we all call some place home.  Maybe you are living in your forever home, or perhaps you are in transition.  You may live in your dream home or not.  Your home may be too small, or your home may be too big. This is usually determined by your current season of life and who is living in your nest with you!

In Home Matters the book, I help you discover what is working for you and what is not, through a stress test on page 6.  I have designed the book for you to use throughout your seasons of life – so take the stress test in pencil so you can take it over and over again.  I hope your copy of Home Matters becomes tattered and torn with use!

You will also learn ways to make good use of what you already have, right where you are, making your present home more manageable and feeling more like you want your home to feel.

Traveling  room by room, chapter by chapter is the plan, as you make strategic decisions to win the war against clutter – one battle at a time!  You can expect to shed several (if not hundreds) pounds – of unwanted and no longer needed items that are taking up valuable real estate!

I hope you enjoy the spiritual application in each chapter, reminding each us to invite Jesus into our home, our matters and our mess!

Your Home Matters” – help is on the way. You have the opportunity to track with a current Home Matters class, and it would be my privilege to cheer you on as your personal de-cluttering coach as you do that. This will be offered through my Facebook page.  You can ask questions, make comments and share your own struggles and victories. Just click on the Facebook icon under Social Media Sites caption to the right of this post.   I hope you will join us.

If you are not on facebook, this information will be right here on my website too! Our interaction will be through comments you make at the end of each post, or you are welcome to contact me through my email (see contact me tab) with any questions, comments or tips. If you have not already subscribed to my site (you can cancel at any time) it is easy to do under the caption Subscribe to my posts.  I can hardly wait for you to get started, and see your stress decrease and your joy increase; because your home really does matter!

if you would like the book – click on the pic of the book at the top of the side column – Home Matters – the book

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Home Matters Class!

Big Ben fireworks TOPIC “Happy and a Blessed New Year” to all of you! The New Year brings with it “hope” and time for a change!                                                           If you are interested in lowering your stress, concerning matters in your home! I invite you to join me, and others that feel just like you, to a Home Matters class!   Home Matters will be offered  along with several other wonderful classes at our Spring Session of Morning Grace:  Grace Covenant Church / 17301 Statesville Rd. / Cornelius, North Carolina / 704-892-8005
Complimentary Brunch – January 15th – 10:00 – 11:45                                                         Where you will hear about each of the seven classes from the teachers.
Classes – January 22 – April 2 (11 Classes) 10:00 – 11:45                                                           Celebration Brunch April 16 – 10:00 – 11:45                                                                                   Where you will hear testimonies from each of the seven classes.                                                   There are seven different classes offered every Tuesday too at the same location!                   Here is that schedule: Complimentary Brunch – January 13th – 10:00 – 11:45 –
Classes – January 20 – March 30 – (11 Classes) 10:00 – 11:45 Celebration Brunch April 14 – 10:00 – 11:45
Link to register for a class, free child care (until capacity is reached) and down load a brochure to learn more.

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Extragavent Gift Giving!


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Articles about Home Matters

I have been blessed with opportunity to have a few interviews with local newspapers.  To read them, at the right side of this page,  click on the article under “Blog Roll” just above “subscribe to my posts.

– The Salisbury Post – written by Deirdre Smith

– Mooresville Weekly – written by Carol G. Stratton*

– The Harold Weekly – written by Carol G. Stratton*

* Carol is also an author of two books – Changing zip codes and her first novel, Lake Surrender.  I highly recommend both!

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A little more on Day Twelve

Day - 12  Enjoy

A Little More on Day 12

If we are willing to take time, we can see God and His goodness everywhere around us, especially during the Christmas season!  Take a look at these common things we are seeing every day, and let your heart see Jesus!


– Christmas trees – they are evergreen just like Gods love for us – it never changes!


– Stars – It is true that the wise men were lead to worship Jesus the King by following the star,  but did you know that God knows how many stars there are and has named each one?  I guess that should not surprise me – after all He created each one! Something I did not know is,  that the stars sing praises to our God!  When you have a little time, look up Louie Giglio Mashup of Stars and Whales Singing God’s Praises.  The video is about 15 minutes long – be sure to sing along:)  Psalm 147:4

– Bells – “joy bells” ring out a clear sound of praise to Jesus our King!


– Gifts, sometimes they do not last very long. But God’s gift of eternal life, through inviting Jesus Christ into your life will last forever; and is the best gift you will ever receive.  Romans 6:23


– Holly – reminds us of the crown of thorns that Jesus wore as He hung on the cross.  He suffered for you and for me.


– Every twinkling light we see, remind us that He is light and in Him there is no darkness.  We take that light with us wherever we go in this dark world. 1 John 1:5 & John 8:12


These are just a few to get you started – please share any others here, or on my author’s Facebook page.  By clicking on the Facebook icon

Merry Christmas!




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12 Days to a LESS Stressed Christmas – Day Twelve

Day - 12  EnjoyEnjoy!  Tis the season to be jolly – fa – la – la – la – la- la – la- la- la! You still have several days until Christmas, and I truly hope you are enjoying some activities your family members really want to do (day one)!  Have you erased anything from your “to do list” because it really doesn’t need to be done (day two)?  I hope you are spending less money than expected, and thought about preparing your home and your heart for guests – or for being a guest (days three and four). Remember, your willing heart is a wonderful gift that you can extend to make your relationships with family better (day five).  Are you enjoying the decorating you have done or not done, and plan to clean later (days six and seven).  If you decided to bake some cookies or not, I hope you are getting longevity from any meals you are cooking, and have brought some of the outdoors inside, to enjoy at your table (days eight, nine and ten). Spreading some joy around, everywhere you go, as you look for opportunity to bless someone’s day, will multiply your joy! I am making a concerted effort to slow this Christmas season down so I can enjoying every sight, bite, smell, sound and hug.  God gave us these incredible senses to experience and enjoy life, and we can most certainly enjoy using them this Christmas Season.  LESS stress and more fun memories made – I’ll take it – how about you?


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A little more on Day Eleven

Girls Holding Plate of Mince Pies

A Little More on Day 11

– If you would like to share cash – have bills ready in an envelope and tucked into your purse.

– A friend of mine keeps “hostess” type gifts in the trunk of her car, along with a stash of tissue paper and gift bags. If you do this – your goal could be to “give away” all of your gifts before Christmas!

– If you are giving an edible gift to a stranger – a prewrapped one from the store might make them feel more inclines to indulge. I know candy canes are delicious but can you imagine sharing a little chocolate everywhere you go?

– Another consideration is the checker at the stores you are shopping in – I am sure they would devour a little joy- shared from you.

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12 Days to a LESS Stressed Christmas – Day Eleven

Girls Holding Plate of Mince PiesJoy-filled Sharing – you have to have “joy” to spread it around! If you have applied some of the previous days’ suggestions, along with doing what you know works for you, your stress should be decreasing and your joy increasing. Why not share some of that joy with an unexpected recipient.  You could pack up a few little gifts that anyone would appreciate, or some cash give to someone that tugs on your heart strings.  Perhaps the Lord has already placed someone on your heart, or it might be someone you see every day.  You could also go to a place where you can “people watch” being on the look-out for someone that could use some joy. Taking the time to share an encouraging word to a harried mom is sure to bring a smile to her face, and bounce in her step!  You could also be on the “look out” for someone that could use a helping hand to load something into their car, or let them have that parking space that just became available.  Give joy away – and it increases! The “joy” of the Lord is my strength.  Nehemiah 8:10

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