Folly Beach Cottage – before & after

This little cottage became the cover for  Home Matters (later revised as Your Home Matters). As promised (in the book), here are more photos of before & after:))))

Outside photos first

Front of the cottage – not much curb appeal!

It’s looking better!



Before – back porch


Looking better – yes, that is a bathtub!

Now let’s take a look at the inside; come on in!

Front porch – before                                                   (we had to get rid of all of that junk)

Front Porch – finished!                                               My favorite morning place to enjoy my Bible and coffee!

Living room before.                        With more junk to remove, including ivy vines attached to the inside walls, before we could even start!

Taa daa – The living room 

Living room (original walls throughout) 

We added a split system for heat & air                (on the wall).

Kitchen – before

Kitchen after – I loved the charm of this little kitchen!

We added a rolling cart with storage.

We created a little eating area.

The little pantry (left) had material for a door.

Another angle of the eating area.

Sweet open shelving!

Bedroom – before


We discovered a little area off the bedroom we used for a guest room/office.

Bathroom – before                             

Check out the little vine growing out of the funnel that caught the leak from the toilet tank?!?

Our son Errol – Can you find Len?

Bathroom – after

A new toilet – no vine!


We kept the original sink – after a lot of scrubbing! I made the skirt with the shower curtain excess I had to cut off.

I hope you enjoyed our before and after tour of our little beach shack to cottage transformation!