God is in the details…


photo by: Sue M. Wilson

 I am certain you have experienced how busy life can be.   When moving through it at an accelerated speed, details are overlooked.   A hasty exit from home can lead to frustration, when you discover that you have left something there you needed for the day, and seeing beauty around you  is probably not on your radar!  Returning home from the store to discover you forgot the item that took you there is another frustrating experience!   It is hard to slow down isn’t it?

I am a detail person – but my attention to details pale compared to how our Heavenly Father operates!  When I take the time to look around me, I am amazed at the details God created for you and for me to see.  Like the intricacies of an insect, the exquisite coloration in a sunset, or the softness of a rose petal  – each detail truly is remarkable!

Specifics, particular and niceties are all synonyms for the word detail and each of those words describe how God designed YOU!  There are specific things about you that are not like anyone else.  God also created you with a particular design and purpose in mind.  A nicety is something to be enjoyed – it is those little things – amenities that make life more pleasurable and fun.  Everything that God has created with all its niceties – were created for us to enjoy and appreciate.

God even pays attention to the details concerning our families, relationships even our jobs; it brings Him great pleasure when we acknowledge that!  Let’s start paying more attention to the details.  The details we see in a flower, hear in a birds song, taste in a great cup of coffee.  Take pleasure in the warmth of a hand or smell in the fragrance after the rain.   Yes God is into the details – just like He is into you!