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About a month ago, I posted a Facebook request for suggestions on someone to help me get my home organized. A few weeks later, Sue reached out to me to ask if I had found someone to help me. I replied that I had decided to take on the task myself.  She encouraged me, reminding me if did it, then I would be able to organize things the way I felt they would work best for my family. I knew she was right, but I was dragging my feet because I really did not want to take this task on again. You see, just a few short years before I had tackled this same project, and while I was successful, it was a lot of work and the results were only temporary. I was very organized before my daughter was born and now that she was getting older, I didn’t want her growing up around a lot of clutter and thinking it was normal. That was enough motivation for me.

I knew I needed to do something different this time and Sue really helped me to understand the difference between organizing my things and organizing the things I really need AND purging the rest. I don’t like clutter, so I have never had an issue purging items but I have had issues not purging enough items. It sounds so simple, but this was a revelation for me! I made so much progress the first week, my husband even got on board.  We are close to being finished with the first step of purging items and have already taken 21 bags to our local Christian Missions Center. There is so much freedom in donating things I don’t use on a daily basis, (or in my case, a yearly basis), and that I really don’t need.

 What I have discovered so far, is that I was holding on to things that ‘I might someday use’ or although we don’t have room for it now, we might in ‘the next house’.  God quickly reminded me that we are never promised tomorrow; that was enough for me. Simplification. I have seen God moving in my life in this way over the last few years and it was time to let the organization of my home be the next adventure.  Blessing others with things I don’t need gives me more joy than just saving them for ‘someday’. Finally, I’m free from the trap of thinking more things equal greater happiness!   Thank you Sue!!


Dear Sue – with tears streaming down my face, I have to tell you how much your blog means to me. The Lord has asked me to give up everything outside of my home…everything. It has been one of the most wonderfully excruciating times in my walk with Him. No grand stage, no applause, no approval from the outside world, just the walls of my home… Please don’t get me wrong, I love and adore my children, heaven knows more than anything, but I was able to receive immediate appreciation in those areas in which I “served”. “What a great service!”, “How do you do it?”, “Where would we be without you?”, “You’re amazing!” can be intoxicating words that keep one going in a direction that pulls the heart away from home.

Over the last several weeks I have been looking around my home thinking, “There is so much that needs my attention. Attention that I have given freely to other things. There is so much to do.” I have noticed that it is harder and harder for me to be relaxed when there is “stuff” everywhere and have begun to “love” my home. Then, by a shear stroke of God, your blog came across my FB page; curious, I clicked on it and began to weep.  It is as if it was created just for me by someone I know, love and trust. Thank you so much for this precious gift…

Next communication from Jeannette: Is it normal to feel more overwhelmed during the process? I hope so!  After 3 – 30 gallon garbage bags filled with “babies”, 13 garbage bags full of trash, a hall full of things to go to Goodwill, and a suitcase filled with 50 lbs worth of clothing for a Jamaica missions trip, I’d say we are about 75% done…with my youngest sons room…  He was so thrilled as we finished today. He just kept thanking me over and over and realized that it is good to grow up.   Tomorrow I will do what I should have done the very first day, sit on my porch and ask The Lord to enter our home.  Thank you for checking up on me!


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