12 Days to a LESS Stressed Christmas – Day Eight

Gingerbread menBaking – I knew I had a problem when I continued to bake all of the Christmas cookies that my mom made – even the ones I did not like!  For some reason I thought it would be Christmas without each and every recipe!    My mom was very generous with her homemade treats and made plates up for neighbors and friends – filling special requests for her delicious fudge!   I am relieved that I have learned to bake only what I like; which I should have done a long time ago!  There have been some years when I have not baked one single Christmas cookie!  Those are the years I really enjoyed the edible gifts I received, savoring every bite!  Baking should be something enjoyed, with (good) memories.  If you are hungry for some Christmas treats but do not have the time or resources to fill many recipes, you might want to consider a cookie exchange.  I had the fun of hosting a few with friends, family and even a Home Matters class!  During those events my friends received a lovely plate of homemade treats – they weren’t safe in my house!

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