12 Days to a LESS Stressed Christmas – Day Seven

Day - 7 cleaningCleaning – A word to the wise – do not do too much of this -too soon!  If you strategically plan when said cleaning is to be accomplished, you will save yourself a lot of work!   If you are using fresh greens and putting up a tree, it is going to be messy. Even artificial greens and trees shed their needles.   Do not vacuum until all messy decorating is finished – or you will be doing this many times.  Sometimes sweeping up is necessary, to not spread the mess throughout the house. I also have learned to clean the floor after a party!  I do make sure there are not huge chunks of debris on the floor and I mop up any area that my feet are sticking to!  Your guests will never know – and your floor is sure to collect crumbs and sticky stuff during your party or event.  One of the most important rooms to give extra attention to, is the bathroom your guests will be using. Give yourself a break and lighten up – you will get more longevity from cleaning done when you are taking your Christmas decorations down, starting the new year with a clean house.   P.S. – encourage your family to wear their jeans and use their towels more than once, this will lighten your laundry load during December – who knows it may become a regular habit!

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