12 Days to a LESS Stressed Christmas – Day Six

Day - 6 decorating ornamentDecorating – personal preference is necessary here, and the current season of life that you are in!  When my older sister told me she didn’t have to heart to decorate like she used to – I just didn’t get it!  Now I do, sometimes when you have many years of decorating your home for Christmas under your belt – you just need a break!  I liked to decorate every area of my home, I still do but the time required is a fraction of what it used to be.  For a little Christmas in every room I choose my favorite decorations and place them in a box with some greens I have cut from the yard and ribbon.  Moving from room to room I add a little “Christmas” there.  The best part is when I am ready to put my decorations away I take a box and remove my decorations.  It is simple, I enjoy it, and it requires little time and effort.  Note: I often swap out a permanent decoration placing it in said box – for a Christmas one.  If you love to decorate and have the time and energy required – decorate until your heart is content! We all love to visit homes like yours during the Christmas season!

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