12 Days to a LESS Stressed Christmas – Day Two

Day -  2 listDay Two – To a LESS Stressed Christmas!

Lists – when I can get everything out of my head and on to a list I can actually feel my “stress level” going down!  I like to make my lists in pencil, so I can easily erase things. Erasing is exhilarating as I remove things from my list that I decide I really don’t want to do!  It is much easier to “move furniture” on paper that using your back – so to speak!         I do like to check things off too, when they are what I want to do, and they are completed.                                                                                                                                                       Suggested lists: activities that your family has decided to participate in this year, activities that you want to host, cookies you want to make, gifts you want to give etc.              I think you get the idea as you see the words “you want to” – this is the key to a less STRESSED Christmas!  It really doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing! Tailor your festivities to fit your family and the season of life that you are in right now; there will be other Christmases to do other activities (or not) it’s up to YOU:)!    Don’t forget to check out “Day One” in case you missed it!


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