A little more on Day Eight

Gingerbread men

– If you enjoy baking and want to share your goodies, you can purchase real plates at the dollar store; the plate becomes part of the gift that the recipient can continue used.   This will make the transport of the treats easier too!

– For a cookie exchange you could have each guest bring 2 & 1/2 dozen of one kind of cookie.  Two dozen are to share and 1/2 dozen can be eaten at the exchange.  Each recipe can be tasted, and the host doesn’t have to make dessert!  If you have some super-duper bakers they could bring more than one type of cookie. Each guest takes home the same amount that they brought.

– Recipient ideas, other than friends and neighbors could be your local fire department or police station, teachers, hair technician, bank tellers, store clerk, mail carriers etc.

– If you don’t have the time to bake and know someone that does – how about you supply the ingredients, and your friend does the baking!

– Freezing Christmas cookies and treats on a plate makes them easy to serve or take to a party.  I also like to place a few in a zip type baggie for Len and I to enjoy on occasion with a hot cup of tea!  What a delicious way to welcome in the new year – if they last that long!


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