A little more on Day Seven

Day - 7 cleaningLearning to clean smart will save you so much time!

– If you have several members in your home, and a few bathrooms, designating one to a capable family member.   Children need to be taught valuable life skills and keeping a bathroom clean is one of them!  You can learn how to clean a bathroom in 10 minutes in chapter 11 of my book Home Matters (click on book icon to purchase- if you’re interested).

– To keep things looking nice I like to wipe out the sinks after I use them – this is easy if you keep a cleaning cloth in the cabinet underneath each sink.  You can also wipe down the faucets first with the cloth and the mirror – if necessary.  This only takes a minute and keeps your bathroom fresh.

– Take that extra minute to put something away – you will be so glad you did when your room looks tidy; more importantly you won’t have to spend valuable time looking for items!

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