A little more on Day Three

Day -  3 presentReality check:  most of us have too much stuff already – and really don’t need another gadget to try to cram into the hall closet!  My current season in life with our growing extended family, has allowed me to discover something – they all like “green” – and that makes gift giving easy.  Our adult children and their children and our one great granddaughter receive $ from us.  As our family has expanded we have had to adjust the amount given to each one.  With this simple approach I can honestly say that my shopping is done! Sometimes for the children I choose to buy them a gift – but that is only if I find something they can use – no pressure here – because I have a backup plan – cash $.

Perhaps a trip would be a great gift for your family, homemade items (cookies please), or blessing another family. Our daughter and her family gave goats to an African village one year!  If you have NO JOY in buying gifts this year for your entire family – perhaps some of your family feels the same way.  Even if they don’t, why not  “bite the bullet” and make some changes – my guess is everyone will be relieved!  My kiddos, while they were at home enjoyed their stockings the most – and that was easy:)  Please share any ideas to make gift giving easier and more fun – and how you curtailed the spending frenzy by commenting below on “day 3”.

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