Don’t miss it…

I appreciate both this photo and scripture…  This is a shot I would have missed on my own.  I have always enjoyed taking photographs, and am quick to jump at any opportunity to learn how to do that better.   One of our trips to Australia included traveling with our dear friends Shane and Robyn.  Robyn and I share the same love for photography, and we even have the exact same camera (Robyn’s recommendation).  Because Robyn is a professional and my friend she helped me to take the same amazing photos she was taking. I would carefully adjust my camera settings to match hers for each shot.  If it had not been for her keen eye we would have not captured the beauty of the early morning dew.

I added this scripture in James 4:8 – Draw close to God and He will draw close to you – to this photo, because like the morning dew it is something that we can miss.  Sometimes we can feel like God is distant, and when we do we need to realize, that He is not the one who has moved.

What is the reason for the distance?  Has the busyness of life crowded God out?  Maybe you are in a difficult circumstance that has made it feel like God is distant.  He is there – He never leaves us – and He is telling us in this verse how to sense His presence again. Draw close, snuggle up so to speak and know you are held close, and loved! When we do this, that distance is gone!

Be Still flower 5x7






photo taken by me:) Tasmania, Australia

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