Four Things I Learned While Living in a Garage – four

ready for a Christmas party

Ready for a Christmas party

Four – Let others in on your adventure…                                                  

Being builders we are often living in temporary digs.  And with that comes the temptation to pull back from having people in our home – waiting until we are in our new house etc.  One day a very long time ago when I was in one of these temporary living situations and having these tempting thoughts about taking a rest from hospitality, I felt the Lord speak clearly to my heart.  He gently reminded me that I did not know what tomorrow might bring, and that we may never move into that new home we were building. To be truthful, I did not like to think about that.  As my heart began to open back up – so did the door of our rickety little house on 9th street in Huntington Beach, California.  Over the period of time that we lived there we had more people over to share a meal, and even live with us than we had previously experienced! I am so thankful that we did not miss out on the fun times we had making all of those memories! Many have joined us in our garage for a meal, and some have even slept over in our guest room:)

guest room - and yes we have had guests guest room:)

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