Home Matters the class – help is on the way!

small pic bookAlthough each one of us is unique, we share many things in common.   One of those thing is – we all call some place home.  Maybe you are living in your forever home, or perhaps you are in transition.  You may live in your dream home or not.  Your home may be too small, or your home may be too big. This is usually determined by your current season of life and who is living in your nest with you!

In Home Matters the book, I help you discover what is working for you and what is not, through a stress test on page 6.  I have designed the book for you to use throughout your seasons of life – so take the stress test in pencil so you can take it over and over again.  I hope your copy of Home Matters becomes tattered and torn with use!

You will also learn ways to make good use of what you already have, right where you are, making your present home more manageable and feeling more like you want your home to feel.

Traveling  room by room, chapter by chapter is the plan, as you make strategic decisions to win the war against clutter – one battle at a time!  You can expect to shed several (if not hundreds) pounds – of unwanted and no longer needed items that are taking up valuable real estate!

I hope you enjoy the spiritual application in each chapter, reminding each us to invite Jesus into our home, our matters and our mess!

Your Home Matters” – help is on the way. You have the opportunity to track with a current Home Matters class, and it would be my privilege to cheer you on as your personal de-cluttering coach as you do that. This will be offered through my Facebook page.  You can ask questions, make comments and share your own struggles and victories. Just click on the Facebook icon under Social Media Sites caption to the right of this post.   I hope you will join us.

If you are not on facebook, this information will be right here on my website too! Our interaction will be through comments you make at the end of each post, or you are welcome to contact me through my email (see contact me tab) with any questions, comments or tips. If you have not already subscribed to my site (you can cancel at any time) it is easy to do under the caption Subscribe to my posts.  I can hardly wait for you to get started, and see your stress decrease and your joy increase; because your home really does matter!

if you would like the book – click on the pic of the book at the top of the side column – Home Matters – the book

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