Scripture card for office – chapter seven in Home Matters

7 - office 5x7photo by: Sue M. Wilson

While in the office (chapter 7 – Home Matters, the book) we discovered that we can keep our hearts and mind clutter free too!  The system (chapter 1) can be applied here, to live free. The Scripture verse for this week reminds us that we don’t fight with the weapons of the world (revenge, lies, betrayal).  The weapons that we fight with – God’s weapons (grace, truth and wisdom) will pull down strongholds and demolish anything that sets itself up against the knowledge of God!   Be mindful of what you need to “throw away” – “give away” – “put away,” from your experiences throughout the day.  Read at the end of chapter 7 in Heart Matters / A Discerning heart, for some examples.

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