Scripture card for closets – chapter 6 in Home Matters

A comfy heart - closets

photo by Julia Wills / Australia – thank you Julia for sharing!

This week we tackled our closets (chapter 6 Home Matters) – instead of them tackling us! Here are a few suggestions and illustrations to give you some ideas for the “put away” step of the “system”.

closets games If your game boxes are getting tattered you can place all of the pieces, and the name of the game in a 2 gallon zip type baggie. All of your games will easily fit into one or two bins/baskets and will take 1/3 of the shelf space.

I did this with puzzles too:)closets puzzles

 closet tees Create more space in your closet by hanging your camisoles and tees on a shower curtain ring – attaching all of them to one hanger!

Picture3 The same idea for an abundance of caps!

Join us next week in the “Office” chapter 7





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